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Top 3 Emerging Social Networks to Keep an Eye On

The social networking sensation has always been phenomenal. When people saw the potential of social networking, companies and websites sprung from every corner of the internet. Banking on the popularity of social networking giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, new social media websites are struggling to get noticed. Old and existing social networking websites are also suffering from losing their users, since a lot of new ones are being created every year. This time however, there is a number of new social networking websites that everyone should take note of. Here are 3 emerging social networks to keep an eye on.

Share Thoughtful and Insightful Posts Instantly

From the makers of Twitter, Medium took social networking to a whole new level. Through Medium, users can post meaningful insights by sharing thoughts and ideas around the world. Users can post and comment on these meaningful posts, and users can then interact with other users through these comments. With Medium, users can concentrate more on their content, and not on how they can connect with other people. Users can also collaborate more by making other people write with you by connecting links through each other’s post. Sadly though, Medium is still on its maiden phase: people who can post are those who’ve been invited personally.

Get Approval and Suggestions As Fast As You Can

The top-3 social media sites for career

The top-3 social media sites for career

Thumb is going to be one of the most promising social networks this year. Through this website, users can upload photos and questions, and crowd-source on decisions challenged by the photo. These simple questions are then subjected to approval or denial through hundreds of thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Other users can also comment through your photo inquiry, and can provide you with more in-depth answers to your questions. Thumb poses serious competition this year, generating about millions of users per month. Companies can also use Thumb by generating queries for news or advertisement ideas and surveys than generates fast results as well.

Share Photos and Links to Strangers Instantly

Although the meaning is synonymous with Tweet, Chirp distinguishes itself from Twitter a lot. What Chirp brings to the table is instant photo-sharing and link-sharing in a roomful of people. Sounds familiar? Well not exactly. Facebook and Twitter requires its users to upload through accounts. Instagram requires people on the room to be connected with each other before they can share photos. What Chrip does is to send a high-pitch sound where other phones can pick it up, and the phone instantly downloads the message or photo. Pictures and links can be shared in a roomful of people in a matter of seconds without the need of being connected with each other.

3 Emerging Social Networks

3 Emerging Social Networks

These platforms may take social networking into more engaging heights. People should realize that social networking may not be limited to large and popular mainstream websites like Facebook and Twitter. People should also take advantage of social networking through various websites like these.

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3 Dating Habits That You Need to Avoid

Boy meets girl and they liked each other. Girl responds positively and boy invites girl to go out with him. It is a give and take situation that happens when dating. It is the process of knowing each other on a deeper sense of level. In knowing each other even more you have to be aware of the signals that you are sending. You may like your date but your doubts and fears are creating a boundary that might result into bad habits. These habits might put your date off into feeling that you are really not into him or her. Below are some of the three dating habits that you need to ditch now:

Starting the Mating Game

Stop thinking about your next move or trying to analyze anything. If you are looking for something serious then don’t even try to start playing with your dates psyche. Every people are unique in their own way and so if you like someone then you should show it. Be careful not to overdo it though especially in the early stage of dating. A relationship needs to be taken slowly. Like a growing plant that you need to water every day but too much water will kill it. Don’t try to play mind games like not returning his phone calls right away, this plan might backfire at you and if it starts out as a game then eventually it will go on and might end like one.

How to Be Confident About Dating

How to Be Confident About Dating

Refrain from Talking Too Much

It takes two to create a wonderful music of conversation. If you’re nervous, you wouldn’t even notice that you are the only one talking because you want to avoid that awkward silence. So take a moment to ask your date questions about his interests and favorites. You definitely can’t change this habit overnight if it just comes out naturally to you. So just apologize if ever you notice this habit while you are on a date.

Expecting Too Much

The 3 Worst Habits of Unbelievably

The 3 Worst Habits of Unbelievably

Don’t expect your date to take you to a fine dining restaurant or that your date will pay the food or buy you flowers. Be open minded at all times, don’t show a disappointed face if he takes you in a diner. Go along with it and forget your diet once in a while, eat or order the heaviest burger on the menu and share it with him. Sharing a meal is more fun. When it comes to paying the bill, at least offer to pay for it or make a deal to split it off. Just enjoy that moment with your date and be positive about it.

So watch out for these habits on your next date. And please, after the date is over, it is essential, especially for women, that you thank him. A simple thank you is always nice to hear.


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Top 3 Emerging Social Networks to Keep an Eye On

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Foods That Would Help Reduce Bloating: What Are These?

Bloating is caused by air passing through your intestines, and lead to the uncomfortable feeling in your stomach. This usually cause of eating too much fatty and salty foods. It is possible to reduce bloating by eating helpful foods.

Feeling bloated is not a good feeling, there are times that we cannot avoid depending on your lifestyle. It’s always advised to be conscious on what you eat and how you do it. Here are foods that can help you reduce bloating:


This would help produce bacteria in the stomach. This will help reduce excess gas that accumulates in the organ.


The Healing Power of Ginger

The Healing Power of Ginger

This would help break down the indigestible sugar, beans, and vegetables. It can be added while cooking to reduce bloat and gas.

Chamomile Tea

This would aid digestion after meal, since this is high in fiber.


Its main function is detoxification and it produces biochemical that helps digestion, which would help prevent bloating.


It relieves constipation because it is high in fiber. It strongly advises to at least one cup of fiber daily.


Grapefruit - Warenkunde

Grapefruit – Warenkunde

This is high in fat burning enzymes and it has high water content.


This veggie would help you increase urination and flushing out of toxins from our body.

Being conscious on what we eat is the main key for preventing bloating. If you learn to manage your eating habits and learn the effect of the foods that you eat. There are also ways on how to prevent bloating in a natural way.

It was always been advised to prevent rather than curing when this happens. This would save you from experiencing unpleasant feeling. Here are ways to prevent bloating:

Easy Ways to Flatten Your Belly

Easy Ways to Flatten Your Belly

  • Make sure to fully digest your meal when you are eating and make it a point to have at least 3 hour intervals before eating again.

  • Don’t eat fruits after meal. Because it will form into gas and can lead to bloating.

  • Prevent drinking cold water when eating.

  • Stress can also trigger bloating, try to relax and not overstress yourself especially when you are eating.

  • Prevent from drinking anything 30 minutes before meal. This can make you hard to digest.

  • If you are dining out with friends try not to talk while eating. If it cannot be avoided you could stop for a while like while you are chewing you could listen to your friends while talking.

If you are experiencing bloating, you could try these remedies:

  • Practice 5 minutes deep abdominal breathing, then lay on your side and do deep breathing.

  • If bloating happens while you are in a restaurant, you could ask for a peppermint tea. This would relax your digestive.

If you always encounter the problem you could always ask your doctor and nutritionist for medical help. And always remember to “ do it slow when eating and chew properly before digesting.”

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3 Best Places to Retire for your Money

Retirement Planning, News

Retirement Planning, News

Retirement is the dream of most working man. It is the day that he frees himself from the bondage of employment. Preparing for this day should begin early so that you will have enough when you retire. This way you will be able to live a good life despite not having any pay checks coming from a boss.

But one of the things that are considered today when retiring is the place you retire. This is due to the fact that the cost of living varies from one city to another, from one country to another. And where you are working could be too much for you once you out of work. So you have to consider where you are going to live when you stop being an employee.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand has been on the radar of retirees for several years now for good reasons, especially the Chiang Mai province. For less than $2,000 per month you can live like a king. And you do not even have to buy a property to achieve that. You can rent a large residential property for as low as $300 to $400 a month. Basic needs are also very cheap in Thailand. You can spend $50 a month on food and other essentials and that would already be considered extravagant. The influx of foreigners in the region also leads the locals to start restaurant businesses with western atmosphere and food. This makes it easier for American retirees to enjoy their new lives in Chiang Mai.

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

South America is basically a cheap destination for most Americans and even American retirees. Even Buenos Aires, one of the most expensive places in South America, is a bargain. You can buy a good home for $70,000 or less and you can get it in the urban areas if you prefer city life. Basic needs are also cheap, as well as transportation. But if you want to enjoy the finer things in life from time to time, Buenos Aires offers a lot of European style diners and restaurants where you can enjoy for $30 to $50, still cheaper than the high-end restaurants in the US.

3. Salinas, Ecuador

The 10 best U.S. cities to retire in

The 10 best U.S. cities to retire in

Here is another South American haven for American retirees. Salinas, Ecuador is a very affordable place to live that also offers the best things in life such as white sand beaches, great people and great city life. The city is essential Miami with the expensive costs. This is due to the fact that Salinas is a very large coastal resort town and the largest in Ecuador. You can enjoy condos facing the Pacific Ocean, upscale restaurants and open markets like being in a tropical island paradise. With a budget of $1,500, you can live a good life while enjoying night outs at the same time.

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Effective Ways How to Raise Funds for Your Business

It is true that there are businesses that you can start without initial investment. However, you need to consider that whenever you engage into the business world, there would be inevitable expenses like membership fees, transportation expenses as you arrange your papers, payments for permits that you need to have and more.

You should not also forget that if ever you have a regular job that you want to quit because you want to start a business on your own, you would need enough money to help you survive your daily expenses, as you will not get profits instantly. Indeed, starting a business is risky with or without capital. It is ideal that you raise funds first to make a good start.

Steps in Raising Funds for Your Business

How to Raise Money for a Good Cause

How to Raise Money for a Good Cause

1) Determine first the business that you want to start. There are online references available for you to grab or you can attend business seminars to give you more ideas on what type of business is booming in today’s generation.

2) Be able to estimate you initial capital so that can determine a goal to rich.

3) If you have a regular job, you can get some money from your salary and deposit it to your savings account. Make the money grow by adding every payday.

4) You can apply for business loans from banks and other lending companies.

5) Build a corporation by convincing your family and friends to invest in your business so that you will have many sources of money to start.

6) You can do part time jobs and save your earnings by adding to savings account.

Determining How Much Capital Do Your Need

By finalizing your plans on what type business you want to start, you will also be able to provide estimations on the initial investment that you have to make. However, in business world, estimations are good but exact calculations are better. By making your business plan, you will be able to enumerate the factors that would contribute to your expenses.

Best Ways to Fund Your Business

Best Ways to Fund Your Business

Itemizing all needed materials like raw products, fees, permits and other things can be very helpful in getting a closer to exact amount money that you need to raise. Doing a canvass and extensive research on the business field that you want to engage are also essential strategies to help you decide the initial capital.

How to Use Your Initial Capital Effectively

Once you are successful in generating your initial capital for your business, you should be responsible to spend it wisely. Remember that you worked hard for this and you need to reap more money out from that investment. Make a list of every transaction you make. Monitor what comes in and out of your business. Organize everything. Whatever marketing strategy you will use, be sure to reach your goal of making your business a stable source of income.

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