Discover 2018’s Best Merchant Services

Small firms should understand that customer needs are changing and that while cash ruled the payments landscape for long, the truth is that it is no longer king.  A TSYS 2017 study that featured 1000 consumers found that 45 percent preferred credit cards, 33 percent use debit cards, and cash ranked third place at only 12%.

Therefore, to stay competitive, small businesses must pay extra attention to the payment avenues that their clients prefer— debit and credit cards.

Here 2018’s best retail merchant services reviews to bring your business up to the mark to accept payments.

1-PayPal Merchant Services

PayPal Merchant Services a reliable online transaction tool which features secure transactions, fraud protection, customer service to assist merchants, and enables a variety of payment options.

PayPal’s offerings are best for companies that record low volume transactions because its fee structure does mandate a monthly charge, and contracts are often short-term. Nevertheless, a merchant pays 2.9% and $0.30 (£0.22) for taking an online payment, and 2.7% for every US swipe.

Another unique feature PayPal Merchant Services offers is that ability to accept non-US payments. However, the cost of taking across-the-border payments is higher than 4 percent making it an expensive remedy to use routinely.

2-Payment Depot

Payment Depot signs small business as its members and offers them wholesale rates. The service includes a monthly fee, and premium plans may come with credit card payment taking equipment.

Payment Depot’s Basic plan is $49 (£37) per month, has a fixed per-transaction fee of $0.15 (£0.11), and has a $25,000 monthly transaction cap which makes it perfect for a smaller company.

The service also features three advanced plans, each with a higher per month fee, but lower charge per transaction, and a larger monthly transaction cap.


Payline eases the task of taking credit card payments and has a suite of plans to fit every company’s needs. It provides multiple merchant services including web-based, enterprise, mobile, in-store, and integrated payments.

The service also offers a Payline Gateway usable as a plugin on a firm’s official website to take payments, and a ‘virtual terminal,’ that allows merchants to enter the payments they receive through the mail or over the phone.

Payline merchants can choose from two plans: Payline Start (standard) and Payline Shop (premium).

Payline Start has a $5 (£4) per month fee with an extra 0.5 percent per transaction (plus 0.8% for AMEX). Payline Shop has a $9.95 (£7) per month fee, with a cheaper 0.3% per transaction, but AMEX still takes their high 0.8% fee.


There are many other merchant services in the marketplace to choose from. Retailers should look through the offers to find out what matches their firm’s needs.

Author Bio: Payment industry expert Taylor Cole is a passionate merchant account expert who understands the complicated world of accepting credit and debit cards at your business. His understanding of retail merchant services reviews has helped thousands of business owners save money and time.