7 Ways To Raise Your Credit Score Fast

You want to start a business. You have great ideas and all. You have it all planned out. But, you have no funds and no clue to boost your capital. No more sulking! If you want a higher score that can easily apply for business loans, these 5 quick and effective tips are for you.

1.Know your credit report and score.

Knowledge is power. This stays true when it comes to increasing credit score. Know what’s on your card before you lay it down. You can contact credit report companies like Equifax, Experian TransUnion. With your credit report and score, you can estimate what you need to improve.

2.Correct errors in your report.

Once you have the report and score, you need to scrutinize every data in there. If you noticed incorrect information, you can reach out to your credit report provider or your credit agency. Ask them to repair the report and dispute any errors.

3.Pay off your existing debt as fast as possible.

If there is no error and you really ruined your credit history, you can still fix these mistakes. Tell your creditors that you can finally pay your balance. Paying your past due will give immediate impact. This will also refresh your available credit.

Your creditors will delete its collection history on your credit report. And, as a result, this will boost your credit score.  To know more regarding this particular tip,  you can read here a post that tackle it: https://creditrepaircompanies.com/increase-your-credit-score/ .

4.Increase your credit limit

If your score is healthy, raising your credit limit this will help you. Call your creditor and ask for an increase. When you have a good history, this will usually be approved. One thing to remember is to be a responsible credit card holder. Always pay your credit card bill on time. Otherwise, having a damaged and higher credit limit will have stronger impact on your score.

5.Don’t exhaust your credit limit.

When you are nearing to being maxed out, this can reflect in your credit score and report. I know, it’s a credit card, so why use it to the fullest? Well, here’s the deal:  Creditors oftentimes see spendthrift as a bad sign of managing finance. Starting now, be aware of your credit limit every time you swipe your card.

6.Become an authorized user of somebody else’s card

This can be a tricky part. If you have a bad history on your finance, you’ll find this tip harder to do. But, if you have “true” friends or relatives that support you on this financial phase of your life, immediately accomplish this. Being an authorized user to their card can increase your credit limits. And in turn, this will improve your credit score.

7.Get a good secured credit card.

Usually, applying for another credit card will hurt your score. But, if you can apply for a secured card, this will instantly raise your score.  It also puts your credit history in a more positive light and can help you build accounts that last.