Do Your Customers Enjoy Calling Your Company?

Time is precious in business, especially when it comes to customer service. Delivering an exceptional customer service experience is important for any business. After all, the better the experience customers have, the more repeat business and positive reviews a business will earn. Calling a company is often the most significant interaction a customer has with a company, and the experience that will make the most impactful impression.

Start with your tech 

Predictive dialers are a brilliant way to run an efficient service experience by connecting answered customer calls to live agents. Instead of agents taking the time to select a phone number, dial the call, and wait for the customer to answer, thereby increasing their productivity. Paired with a cloud contact center, a predictive dialer can integrate outbound dialers into one omnichannel conversation.

With omnichannel capability, a predictive dialer can connect the lead to an agent who can then recontact the customer through a more convenient channel, should the customer prefer that. Customers want to feel appreciated and valued. It can be frustrating when a customer is disconnected from an agent and cannot get back in touch. Delivering consistent, personalized, and quality service leads to a higher sales rate.

Avoid long wait times 

One of the biggest complaints from customers is long wait times. When agents are spending time waiting on unanswered calls, they can tend to the needs of incoming calls more efficiently.

Predictive dialers help increase agent productivity by handling call control and call distribution. They predict when an agent is able to field a call, thereby saving time wasted on cold-calls. This tool better utilizes the workforce, maximizes call success rates, and simplifies list management.

The Bright Pattern predictive dialer will improve the quality and the outcome of call campaigns by using auto dialers to push ‘hot’ leads to the top of the calling list. Dynamic list sorting and filtering options allow a company to choose how to delegate assignments to agents. Now, call assignments can be matched with proper geographic regions, time zones, and lead qualification.

Omnichannel is your key to success 

Another frequent complaint of customers is repeating their information to companies during each conversation. A company that uses omnichannel solutions has the ability to collect context from the customer from the beginning of the first conversation.

Speak to customers like real people. While scripts to guide conversations are useful tools, be cautious not to sound overly scripted. Use positive language and focus on becoming the customer’s ally in problem resolution. Prioritize meaningful engagement in order to find the best solution for the customer and gain their confidence and loyalty.

Take feedback seriously 

A company should always be interested in hearing feedback from customers. When agents treat customers like real people, they have a genuine sense that their voice and opinions matter. Give customers a chance to provide feedback about products and services, especially their call center experience. One to one interactions tend to be the most meaningful, and this is an effective outlet for constructive criticism.

Be transparent and communicative with customers. Agents should be prepared to fully explain situations, how they happened, and apologize for any issues. This is also the time to assure a customer that such an issue will not happen again, and should another instance occur in the future, explain this so a customer can be prepared. Customers value the concept of peace of mind because it gives a sense of confidence and satisfaction.

Empathy goes a long way. Understanding how customers think and personalizing the conversation leads to a strong customer service experience. When a customer feels understood, they feel valued. Always remember to thank customers for their patience, understanding, loyalty, and time.