Get your medical health insurance at OCBC Bank in Malaysia

Nowadays, many health disorders and diseases are immensely affecting the society. The costs of hospitalization, doctor’s fee, medicines, and a series of medical tests are pricey. Furthermore, many people depend on self-medication and free consultations. To be able to overcome medical costs, people should learn about the medical health insurance in Malaysia.

What is Medical Health Insurance?

Medical Health Insurance is a policy wherein it lessens or covers each individual’s cost for medical and surgical expenses. This policy is usually accredited by doctors and hospitals. It’s either lessens the cost or covers the whole cost of medical procedure regardless if it’s consultation or surgical. Health insurance is indeed a great help, especially in times of emergency. To avail insurance, you should learn about the medical health insurance in Malaysia. 

Health insurance can be acquired through the private sector or through the government.In the private sector, you need to pay premium payments to be able to use the said insurance. This type of insurance is usually covered for workers as part of their contributions. You can also avail it for personal coverage; you just need to pay a monthly or quarterly premium. On the other hand, Government health insurance usually acquires premium in exchange for services.

Health Insurance in Malaysia

The OCBC bank, one of the biggest banks in Malaysia, offers medical health insurance. They aim to help you together with your beneficiaries, like your family, in terms of medication and medical expenses. They offer two types of medical health insurance;

Medical Health Insurance under Medi-Pac

In this policy, it covers your hospital and surgical expenses. You and your beneficiaries will be protected for 24 hours. It also covers emergency treatments and other miscellaneous charges. One of the good things about this policy is there is no limit. This medical health insurance is mostly accredited in different hospitals; just bring your assisting card and you’re good to use it. This policy is available for adults aged 19-60 years old and for children 30 days old to 19 years old.

Medical Health Insurance under Medi-Major

This policy covers all major medical treatments, and it is budget-friendly in terms of premium payment. It covers medical treatments for outpatient cancer and kidney analysis. This policy is renewable up to 80 years old.


Having medical health insurance is indeed important. This policy helps families in working out such expensive medical treatments and expenses. The good thing about medical health insurance is you can count on them in times of emergencies, unlike when you’re an uninsured individual; to tend to firstfind the money before a medical consultation. This happens in private hospitals and to private doctors.

Obtaining medical health insurance is not that expensive, you can pay a minimum monthly or quarterly premium depending on the terms of the insurer. Of course, the bigger premium, the bigger is the coverage. If you’re looking for a trusted medical health insurance, you can check OCBC bank for more details, and they will explain and elaborate the best medical health insurance that fits your condition.