Health Insurance: Why Do You Need To Undergo A Medical Test?

Most people tend to avoid pre-policy medical examination that is made mandatory by health insurance companies. Pre-policy medical examinations are the ones that the insurer requests before providing a medical cover to a person. Pre-policy medical examination reduces risk at the insurer’s end. These medical tests are required only for applicants over the age of 40 or 45 years.

It is important to invest in health insurance to ensure quality medical care without spending a hefty amount on it. Many insurance providers help you get an insurance plan that fits your bill, but that doesn’t mean it will be a perfect fit for you.

Health insurance companies that do not ask you to perform a pre-policy medical examination may sound convenient to you, but they are not. At any cost, you must not avoid a pre-policy medical examination.

Why do you need a pre-policy medical examination?

The pre-policy medical examination or pre-policy medical health checks are a set of tests and procedures that the prospective policyholder is required to undergo before the insurer accepts the policy. These tests are only needed for those who are above a certain age limit.

The majority of health insurance companies will ask you to perform the pre-policy medical tests for various reasons. These tests give accurate results and a perfect picture of the policyholder’s health at the time of applying for health insurance. If the policyholder has any pre-existing medical conditions or illnesses, the pre-policy medical examination will bring them to light. It also allows the company to decide on providing the appropriate cover for the individual.

The tests are also essential when it comes to filing claims. Now, if the policyholder files a claim and the company proves that the illness was not disclosed during the pre-policy medical tests, the claim could be repudiated. The medical tests performed before purchasing the health insurance stay on record with the company and helps in filing a claim without any hassle.

What is the buying process?

Health Insurance

Buying health insurance has become easier over time due to the technological advancement.  You can easily buy health insurance online on the website of thehealth insurance companies. Follow the four essential steps mentionedbelow.

  1. Visit the website and click on theBuy Now button under the health insurance tab on the website.
  2. It will redirect you to a form which will ask you to submit the following details:
  3. Name, Age, Date of birth, number of family members seeking insurance and so on.
  4. Once you submit the information, select the policy based on your and your family’s needs.
  5. Make an online payment using either debit cards, credit cards or net banking. You can also make your payments in installments with insurers that offer the EMI option.

Health insurance costs

Premium costs can be checked using the health insurance premium calculator. Premium calculator is a tool on the website that helps you to find the best plan for you. Depending on the sum assured and the type of plan you select the premium is calculated for you online. It can be a family plan or individual plan, the premium is calculated accordingly.

Health insurance companies have come up with several options that will suit the financial and health needs of the policyholders. There are options available for individual policyholders, family floaters and others. You can compare health insurance plans on the online portal of your insurance company and select the one that will suit your family needs and health needs.

To sum up, the pre-policy medical examination helps both the insurer and policyholder to take right decisions. It also helps in filing an insurance claim without any hassle, especially when you are in dire need of the finance that has been spent on the treatment.