How To Keep Your Refrigeration System Energy-Efficient

For some households or businesses, the costs of refrigeration can take up over half of their electrical bill. It is possibly the reason why energy-efficient and modern refrigeration systems are so popular nowadays. However, you don’t need to buy new equipment to save money. Here are some simple tips that can help you save energy and cost.

Minimize Heat Loads

One way to spend less on refrigeration is by reducing your system’s heat loads. To do this, minimize air infiltration by checking for gaps and improving management of doors. Carefully organizing when to load and unload items so you only need to open doors when needed. Be sure to close them properly once you’re done.

Light also emits heat so make sure to turn off the lights in the space you are cooling down. Do the same if your open display refrigerator is not in use or if it is outside business hours.

If able, situate your refrigeration unit where it is far from draught or any heat source such as direct sunlight. Refrigerators with the open front display can consume 95% more energy when placed in such conditions. Using strip curtains and night blinds also help keep outside heat away. Moreover, leave some room around the vents of your unit for drawing in and expelling air.

If you are using a more extensive system, you can use free cooling, and raise process temperatures. You can also decrease heat loads by improving the control of pumps, fans, as well as other auxiliary equipment.

Loading And Temperature Control

Leaving products in an area with ambient temperature can warm them up. Avoid doing this before loading the items into your cold rooms or display cabinets.

To reach maximum efficiency, do not overfill your units. There should be enough space the circulation of cold air. Make sure that your products are not blocking the front grilles of your display cabinet. Similarly, nothing should be hindering the flow of air in your cold rooms. Overloading units can compromise the temperature of food and increase the consumption of energy.

Save money and reduce your consumption of energy by setting your unit to only cool down to the needed temperature.

Maintenance And Condenser Cleaning

Refrigeration systems usually use less energy when they are well-managed. On the other hand, poorly maintained units can reduce the temperature for evaporating or increase the heat for condensing. It means that energy consumption also increases.

Schedule a regular Refrigeration service for your units. Make sure that evaporators and condensers are clean and check if defrost systems and fans are working well. Check all the doors too and make sure that their seals are well-fitting and fully intact.

Keeping the condenser clean is very important for display cabinets to consume less energy, chill faster and last longer. You can remove debris and dust by merely using a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush. If you are more comfortable letting a professional do it, there are multiple services for refrigeration and hvac victoria wide.