The benefit of a workplace franking machine

Franking machines can play an important role in any business. However, many are unsure about the benefits they may hold. Here we list some of the reasons why you should consider a franking machine in the workplace, using the FP Postbase franking machine as an example of what a franking machine can do for your business.

No unnecessary loss of money

For many businesses, large volumes of parcels and other post need to be sent to specific time deadlines for the smooth operation of the business. This can often mean over stamping as the weight of some items of post may not be recorded accurately or the correct value of stamps is not present. The business operation continues to run efficiently, but the company loses money daily due to chronic over stamping. With a franking machine within the workplace, there is no ambiguity or error with the weight of each parcel. You do not have to worry about the stamp cost for the parcel as the franking machine takes care of this for you. The loss of money from over stamping will be halted immediately after the introduction of a franking machine.

Save your clients money

As well as over stamping, under stamping can be an issue for companies that go through large amounts of post. The cause of under stamping is the same as over stamping, but instead a lower stamp value is placed than required. This requires the receiver to travel to the local receiving office and cough up the difference in value from the under stamping as well as a handling fee. This gives a bad impression to all clients and business partners and forces them to pay for your mistake. Franking machines will stop this from happening and ensure that your business partners and clients receive all mail without hassle.

Utilise franked mail discounts

Mail that is sent using a franking machine becomes far easier, and therefore cheaper, for the Royal Mail to handle. That is why in recent years increased discounts have been given to mail that is franked. FP Postbase franking machines can be offered with Mailmark and BMA features added on, increasing the discount of franked mail. If you do not require such features, the FP Postbase franking machine can be sized accordingly to your business, so that the speed of franking matches the speed that you require for your business operations.


If nothing else, a franking machine in the office is incredibly convenient and speeds up the time taken to send mail considerably. FP Postbase franking machines have an online customer portal that gives you information about your machine’s working order and past usage. This enables a detailed record to be kept for the business. This is incredibly useful when considering company budgeting or tax invoices. This saves employees time and ensures no error for postage cost calculations.

Buy or rent a professional franking machine and see the benefits. The FP Postbase franking machine is an example of a flexible franking machine that can be sized to match your needs and comes with all the correct Royal Mail and Mailmark features. It represents an excellent option for any business looking to save time and money on their day-to-day business mail.