Transfer money abroad the easy way – what are your options?

Transferring money internationally, regardless of purpose, can seem a bit challenging the first time, considering you have access to so many possibilities in this department. Despite the wide range of options put at your disposal it’s important to know which are the safest methodsavailable, in order to make your transactions as secure and fast as possible. Learning a few details about the most frequently used international transfer options will help you decide on a method that you know will bring you the process simplicity and security you are seeking. Here are the first companies to inform yourself about:


You have probably used PayPal on more than one occasion for your online transactions. Starting from purchasing something from Amazon or selling something on eBay, PayPal is probably your preferred method of payment or to receive money online. PayPal gives you the possibility to send money to a large number of countries around the world, making international transfers easy and efficient. More than 200 billion dollars are been processed by PayPal, which is certainly an impressive amount. Each transaction is protected through encryption and PayPal is known for benefiting from advanced fraud monitoring, which is carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This should be one of the first choices to take into account.

Kora network

Although not as widely known as PayPal, Kora network has started to be used by a large number of people interested in sending money online to various countries across the globe. What Kora provides first is an infrastructure for emerging market needs. Besides the features that include identity and secure storage possibilities, Kora also enables an easy and quick money transfer process. However, in order to access this particular feature, both you and the receiver need to be Kora users. A quick research on the internet will allow you to learn everything there is to know about Kora inclusive financial systems, and why they have become such a reliable solution for money transfers.

Square Cash

Fast, flexible and convenient, Square Cash has been inthe spotlight recently among both Android and IOS users thanks to the possibility it gives to transfer money in just a few minutes. By downloading the app, and creating an account, you can immediately start sending money internationally. Moreover, Square Cash also does not perceive any fees, which makes things even more appealing.


This company will catch your attention because it enables you to send money to any personwith an email address or phone number, free of charge. Downloading the app and creating your own personal Venmo wallet will only take you a few minutes, and after that you can access a secure and fast money transfer method.

As you can easily conclude, nowadays, money transfers have been simplified, the entire process could be carried out entirely online. Although it’s important to know all of your options, and choose the safest and most co invent for your situation, as long as you acquire a bit of information on the topic, you will manage handling your transfers properly each time.