ZNC: Generating Leads and Turning them into Profit

If you are in the sales or marketing world, you must have frequently encountered the words “lead generation”. But if you are new in the business world, this may be the first time, probably the second or the third time of you hearing these words. And, if it makes you curious, we will tell you everything you need to know about lead generation and a lead generation agency; and how may it help your business.

All About Lead Generation

Lead generation is the marketing process of exciting, stimulating, capturing interest in a product or service. Basically, lead generation is attracting the consumer or the possible client’s interest in the products or services of your business for the main purpose of developing sales pipeline.

Your lead are the people who have express interest in your products or services – consumers, buyers, prospects, and possible clients. And your leads may come from different affairs, activities, events or sources such as: digital activities via the Internet, through personal referrals, through telephone (calls either by the company or telemarketers), through advertisements or commercials, and events.

Lead Generation Services

A lead generation agency’s role like ZNC– the UK’s top lead generating company – is important for any business’ growth and success. You will be needing their expertise not just to generate lead, but more importantly to turn them into sales or profits. Your sale will serve as the fuel to keep your business

  • Data driven decisions. Lead to better ones.– Through the years ZNC has developed a highly productive and effective Lead Generation and marketing strategies, with their team of skilled experts.
  • Website Creation – They can build and design websites for you. Not just a pretty looking website, but a website that converts. They create website with facts and ensures that your marketing value has a healthy ROI.
  • Intelligence & real data taken from sources such as website heatmaps, screen recordings, user testing
  • Continually optimized and evolving websites; test, test, test!
  • Built with speed to meet short-term goals
  • Designed with potential for long-term expansion
  • Manage and Track Your Performance – Through ZNC’s reporting dashboard, that manage and organize your data, you can now make wiser decisions with more insights in a faster pace.

From SEO, PPC, Facebook to LinkedIn & much more

With the use of techniques and different digital channels such as social media, ZNC can boost your marketing message.

Capture. Engage. Inspire.

At ZNC they“help you look at how you nurture your leads through your sales pipeline with tools such as email marketing, LinkedIn, SMS messages and quality content.  Keeping your prospects interested is a great support to your sales team.”

Outsourcing Lead Generation Experts

A lead generation agency can benefit you with the following:

  • Multi skilled team who use Umbraco, Sitecore, WordPress&Hubspot
  • Less risk & lower setup costs. NO fixed fee retainers required
  • Full tracking software so we can tell you where your leads came from

And many more.